Industrial Generators

KOHLER® Industrial Generators

Kohler® provides a comprehensive industrial power system integration to match any power and performance requirements. Kohler® Industrial Generators are engineered to deliver optimal performance, uncomplicated maintenance, and straightforward troubleshooting.

For over 90 years, Kohler® has manufactured generators to the highest quality. Kohler® Industrial Generators power every industry from government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, mining, and data centers. Kohler® Industrial Generators undergo rigorous quality and performance testing to meet the most robust industry standards and codes, including UL, CSA, IBC, and NFPA.  In essence, Kohler® Industrial Generators are built to work and made to last.

Our team of industrial sales representatives are technically savvy and can provide a customized power solution to fit many types of requirements. We take pride in delivering quality products and a knowledgeable sales staff, fit to help you through the entire project. It’s our job to make you look good.

Since 1921, TAW® Power Systems delivers:

  • Comprehensive Experience
  • Expert Application Consulting
  • Unmatched Technical Aptitude
  • Complete On the Job and Site Support

Our experienced team can help you customize each power system to meet your exact needs or specs.

Diesel Generators

Critical power is essential; no industry can afford to be without it. Protect your power supply with a top of the line, reliable Kohler® Diesel Generator. Kohler Diesel Generators are packed with power and engineered for complete performance. Kohler Diesel Generators are EPA and code compliant, deliver dependable power, and fuel-efficient. Kohler® Generators are factory built, and meticulously tested. For over 90 years, Kohler® has manufactured quality generators in Wisconsin, USA.

Gas Generators

A constant supply of power is essential in keeping our communities and infrastructure running. A loss in power can mean a significant decline in revenue and time. Take control and safeguard your power supply with a dependable and powerful Kohler® Gas Generator. Kohler® Gas Generators are engineered to provide optimal performance no matter what the circumstance may be. Kohler® Gas Generators are EPA and code compliant. Since 1920 Kohler® has manufactured quality generators in Wisconsin, USA.

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