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KOHLER® has made it a point to provide gracious living through quality products over 95+ years. During this time, KOHLER® has built a reputation of reliability and innovative technology when it comes to mega yacht marine generators. Every KOHLER® pleasure craft marine generator is quality tested before the model is released from the factory.

KOHLER’s mega-yacht generators are built with panel-mount paralleling. The KOHLER Decision Maker® 3500 is the first of its kind and is built right into the unit. Built-in paralleling allows for huge savings on additional equipment costs and installation costs. With the instant paralleling feature, the P-gen connection parallels two or more KOHLER® generators with just a single wire. Remote system monitoring is also able to take place from anywhere on the vessel. Repowers are made easy; the KOHLER Decision Maker® 3500 is also compatible with existing systems, and when wired for V-bias/ S-bias inputs or droop, the controller can parallel with existing load share modules.

KOHLER® mega yacht marine generators are equipped with Fast Response® X Alternators. The Fast Response® X Alternator is a smaller and much more advanced than standard alternators. Features include 12-lead, multi-voltage re-connectable stators, and permanent magnet exciters. It is also default equipped with electronic isochronous governing, premium isolated-ground DC electrical system, and fully potted and sealed corrosion protection.

The latest line of KOHLER® pleasure craft marine generators is 19 percent smaller, allotting for more power density in a smaller package. This small but powerful generator is easy to repower and allows it to go where other generators can’t by fitting it into smaller applications.

The new J-Series mega yacht marine generators are 75 percent quieter and have 65 percent less vibration. These units have a redesigned sound shield with separate engine and alternator compartments. Separate compartments shield the cool air-in from the warm air-out, which improves temperature management. The separate compartments provide ample air management features that allow for 75 percent lower sound levels. The latest line of KOHLER® marine generators includes patented vibration mounts that absorb the transmitted vibration.

KOHLER® mega yacht marine generators have a high-pressure common rail fuel system, which is available on Tier 3-compliant models. Monitoring the electrical speed for short dips with fast recovery is easy with KOHLER’s common rail fuel system. The common rail fuel system meets the highest emission standards and is tested for optimal performance with large loads.

Everything but the engine is designed, built, and KOHLER-made. Each KOHLER® mega yacht marine generator is meticulously tested and comes with a 3-year warranty.

TAW® Power Systems stands behind quality products that perform at their best under the most demanding circumstances. We understand your need for smooth sailing and minimal downtime. We have seasoned professionals that have the technical experience and aptitude to help you throughout the life of the generator. TAW® Power Systems taps a network of KOHLER® factory trained and certified dealers to help with sales and maintenance services on existing units.

Our new Decision-Maker® 3500 controller is integrated into our marine generators, ensuring they are equipped with paralleling and load-management software for automatic paralleling of two or more generators.

While load requirements have increased on superyachts due to advanced electronics equipment, on-board space is still at a premium. Our new paralleling controller matches power capacity with load needs to eliminate under-loading and over-fueling, while conserving space, decreasing fuel costs, and reducing equipment maintenance.

When the first generator’s load is light, the second generator automatically drops off, and, when the load is heavy, it automatically comes back online and provides the power needed to carry the load. The high-pressure rail fuel system ensures proper engine combustion, providing just the right amount of fuel at the right time to reduce the effects of poor performance. Combined, this means there is no need for expensive load banks, exhaust treatment systems, or costly repairs.

Our team of engineering-savvy sales professionals can help customize a power solution that will meet your desired requirements. We’ll match the power you need to the workload at hand.

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