Home Standby Generators

Home Standby Generators

Did you know that power outages cost American households about 150 billion dollars annually? Since 2003, weather-related power outages have doubled. Is your home ready to withstand a power outage? What if you could restore power to your home in just 10 seconds during an outage? With a reliable KOHLER® home standby generator, you’ll be able to do just that.

Don’t put your life on hold just because the power goes out; keep your standard of living and comfort no matter what the elements may bring. Protect your property by securing your home from the damages mother nature can cause like frozen pipes, food loss, and mold with a KOHLER® home standby generator. Power your AC, keep your hot water on, and your alarm system working by installing a residential standby generator in your home.

Having a KOHLER® home standby generator can help prevent extensive damages, saving you thousands of dollars in-home repairs. Safeguard your family with the security and peace of mind that a KOHLER® home standby generator brings.

Since 1920 KOHLER® has been manufacturing quality generators that perform in harsh conditions, which have helped them establish a reputation for superior quality generators. KOHLER® has designed, engineered, and manufactured excellence into each generator down to the last bolt. Every KOHLER® generator is made in Wisconsin, USA.

TAW® Power Systems proudly provides quality know-how and 24/7 customer support via our extensive dealer network. Our dealer network is KOHLER® factory trained and certified to give you the best customer experience. When you purchase a KOHLER® home standby generator, you don’t just get a generator; you get the local support of a high-caliber team. Our network of qualified dealers are here to help you, and most are strategically located near you. Find a dealer near you and schedule a home estimate today.


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