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Sub-Base Generator Fuel Tanks

Generator fuel tanks are essential accessories that play a vital role in code compliance and the overall performance capacity of your engine generator system. KOHLER® sub-base fuel tanks have integral protections in place to help keep your generator system available and operational when you need it.

KOHLER sub-base generator fuel tanks safeguard the environment and adhere to UL, DERM, FDEP, NFPA, IBC, or local code requirements. The double wall containment system prevents leaks, allows for optimal fuel levels, and peak tank capacity. Tank markings and basin switches are available options for KOHLER sub-base generator fuel tanks. They can also be equipped with a three-alarm panel for high, low, or fuel leak detection, which can be remotely annunciated. The built-in fuel switch interfaces with the controller to provide fuel level indication.

Generator Enclosures

KOHLER generator enclosures shield your equipment from the most unforgiving elements, and the noise your engine generator makes. KOHLER generator enclosures are reinforced with industrial steel or heavy duty aluminum. Every KOHLER enclosure is coated with Power Armor™ which is a textured industrial paint finish made to provide UV and environmental protections. Power Armor is an automotive-grade paint finish that surpasses a 2500 hour salt exposure test.

These generator enclosures are available with multiple options for weather/sound enclosure on generator units ranging from 10 to 3250 kW, and are built with acoustic insulation to meet your local sound ordinances or project requirements. KOHLER enclosures are also available with an insulated exhaust silencer which increases the safety and noise reduction of your unit.

KOHLER generator enclosures are:

  • UL2200 compliant
  • Wind load certified (up to 150-mph wind)
  • Corrosion resistant
  • IBC certified

The hinged doors, door handles, and door holders provide an exceptional ability to secure your unit. Open service access to generator controls, fuel fill, fuel gauge, oil fill, and the battery of your unit are all possible with the advanced door system and removable panels. KOHLER generator enclosures also feature an easy access to the oil and radiator drains for the service of the unit.

Generator fuel tanks and enclosures must meet specific local requirements. Your local TAW® Power Systems representative can provide a KOHLER factory-certified package to meet your specific requirements today. TAW Power Systems is the sole distributor for KOHLER generator tanks and enclosures throughout Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Southern Georgia. 

For more information on tanks and enclosures, give us a call today at 1-800-876-0990.

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