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Here at TAW® Power Systems, we live for the technical side of things. We know the importance of accuracy, so we’ve built this generator power calculator to make your job a little bit easier.

Our electrical generator power calculator can help calculate generator amperage output, converts kW to kVA, converts kVA to Amps, and even converts kW to HP.  We enjoy simplifying your job by calculating the values you use daily.

Specifying and configuring KOHLER® Power Systems products is easy with the help of our technical salesforce and tools. TAW® has been working with electrical apparatuses since 1921, and we proudly stand with a long tradition of technical expertise and an experienced, mature sales staff. Our engineer-driven industry experience will support you throughout the entire project.

We proudly provide quality comprehensive generator systems from a single source manufacturer. KOHLER® offers total system integration for all engine generator units.

TAW® Power Systems and KOHLER® are your ultimate power partners.

Call us toll-free at 1-800-333-9449, or email us at tawinfo@tawinc.com to request more information about project needs.

Power Requirement Calculator

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Converting kW to kVA


Converting kVA to kW


Converting kW to HP

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Calculating Amperes (when kVA is known)

1 Phase Power (I):

3 Phase Power (I):

Calculating Amperes (when kW is known)

1 Phase Power (I):

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