Application Case Studies for Emergency Generator Power Systems

KOHLER® Case Studies

From the facility manager seeking crucial back-up power for a data center or healthcare facility to the mom who wants to keep the refrigerator running after a hurricane hits, our power system application case studies are designed to help customers feel confident that even in the most critical circumstances of a power outage, they will not be stuck in the dark.

TAW® Power Systems is the sole distributer of KOHLER Power Systems products and accessories – known to be reliable when you need them most – in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and southern Georgia.

We have provided links to case studies on the KOHLER Power Systems site to help you learn about the comprehensive solutions TAW Power Systems can provide, through quality KOHLER generator products.

Case Studies:

KOHLER’s Alltel Communications Data Center Case Study
KOHLER’s Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center Case Study
KOHLER’s Home Shopping Network: Equipment Upgrades, Full Protection Case Study
KOHLER’s Rathbun Regional Water Association Case Study
KOHLER’s Special Olympics Case Study

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