FDEP Regulations for Fuel Tanks

FDEP Regulations for Fuel Tanks FS-62-762

The State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection has jurisdiction over diesel fuel tanks used on generator sets.  The intent portion of the FS-62-762 regulation applies to aboveground diesel fuel tanks of capacity greater than 550 gallons and underground diesel fuel tanks greater than 110 gallons. Often generator sets can be specified with an aboveground sub base diesel fuel tank of less than 551 gallons making it easier, less expensive and avoiding the registration process and additional "bells and whistles".  Remember most standby generator sets are specified larger than the actual running load to accommodate the higher starting requirements of the loads and most of the time they only run at 1/2 to 3/4 load. Sometimes its best to size the fuel tank based on the fuel consumption at the actual running load.

The forms and information for registering a fuel tank with the State of Florida are available on the FDEP website, click below to get what you need.  The forms should be completed and signed by the owner of the fuel tank; we can help if you or the owner needs it.

FDEP Registration Website       Forms & Instructions

Excerpt from FS-62-762  "Intent"
62-762.101 Intent.
(1) Except for aboveground mineral acid storage tank systems, the purpose of this chapter is to provide standards for the registration, construction, installation, operation, maintenance, repair, closure, and disposal of storage tank systems that store regulated substances, and to minimize the occurrence and environmental risks of releases and discharges. This chapter provides standards for aboveground storage tank systems having individual storage tank capacities greater than 550 gallons.

(2) …………………………..

(3) The purpose of this chapter is to establish a registration program for compression vessels and aboveground hazardous substance storage tank systems ……………….

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