KOHLER® Generator Sizing Software

The Power Solution Center is KOHLER’s industry leading generator sizing software. The Power Solutions Center developed by KOHLER is an easy to use platform that combines multiple tools together into one to help you get the job done. It delivers the ability to easily select generators based on voltage dip, frequency dip, and voltage total harmonic distortion. This valuable tool lets you specifically select the engine generator system that meets your specific power requirements.

The Power Solutions Center gives users the ability to select  different load types including:

  • Lighting
  • Battery Charger Loads
  • Office Equipment
  • Motors
  • VFDs
  • UPS
  • Fire Pump
  • Air Conditioning
  • Miscellaneous Linear and Non- Linear Loads
  • Medical Imaging Equipment   

Specification Writing Tool

The Power Solutions Center is an easy to use generator system specification writing tool. It  yields the ability to completely output an entire power system specification for generators and transfer switches in just a matter of clicks. The Power Solutions Center easily produces an industry standard specification into a rich text file that can be saved in MS Word. This function allows for customization, easy editing, and the ability to easily integrate the power system specification into a complete building specification. With online and offline capabilities getting spec info has never been so easy.

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