Enclosure Specification Sheets

Enclosure Specification Sheets

Protect your investment

These KOHLER® generator enclosure specification sheets build on the intricate graphics and sizing data found in KOHLER’s enclosure diagrams.

Whether you’re looking to safeguard significant Genset investments from the elements, or a sound-attenuating enclosure that complies with local, city, or noise regulations, these useful documents will answer any remaining questions you may have.

Enclosure specification sheets include:

  • Enclosure features
  • Weather and sound enclosure specification
  • Diagrams
  • Approval, listing, and certification consideration.
  • Weather and sound enclosure specifications
  • Weather and sound enclosure diagrams
  • Hurricane Rated Enclosure
  • Available approval, listing, and certification considerations

The KOHLER® enclosure specification sheets can also help you determine whether an enclosure will be compatible with a specific generator system you’ve already purchased or one you are planning to purchase.

Need help ensuring an enclosure is a right fit? Let our experts help you spec your job.

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