NEMA Electric Motors
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    NEMA Electric Motors

    Discover Our Vast Inventory of Industrial Electric Motors

    When you need a NEMA electric motor that is rated for low or medium voltage, we are your choice motor provider. We offer a comprehensive selection of AC, DC, horizontal, or vertical motors. We provide NEMA electric motors capable of handling heavy-duty work with mining and aggregate. We also carry general-purpose motors. We offer a comprehensive inventory of the best-in-class NEMA motors, which consist of:

    Horizontal NEMA:

    • Explosion Proof
    • IEEE841
    • TEFC
    • ODP/WP1
    • API541/API 547 compliant w/ oil & gas applications

    Vertical NEMA:

    • TEFC
    • ODP
    • WPI/WPII Enclosures

    If you need a quote for a NEMA electric motor, our team of Customer Service Specialists will guide you to the right equipment for the job. We take the time to keep our customers in the loop and walk them through the ordering process to provide unbeatable service.

    Call us Toll-Free 800-333-9449, or email us at, to request more information on, NEMA Electric Motors.

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