NEMA Electric Motors

NEMA Electric Motors

Discover Our Vast Inventory of Electric Motors

When you need a NEMA electric motor that is rated for low or medium voltage, we are your choice motor provider. We offer a comprehensive selection of AC, DC, horizontal and vertical motors. Our NEMA electric motors are capable of handling heavy-duty work with mining and aggregate. We also carry general-purpose motors.

TAW’s comprehensive inventory of the best-in-class NEMA electric motors includes:

Horizontal and Vertical NEMA Motors:

  • Explosion Proof: This type of enclosure is used for hazardous applications. It can resist against explosions from inside the casing of the motor.
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 841 (IEEE841): Also referred to as a NEMA Premium® motor, the IEEE841 exceeds the requirements set by the IEEE. This is the global standard for motors used in extreme conditions and is only available for horizontal NEMA motors.
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC): Enclosed motors are used in applications where contaminants may be present like paper mills and chemical plants. This type of motor is most used in an industrial environment.
  • Open Drip Proof (ODP): These open enclosures allow cool air to flow freely using internal fans to help move air. ODP motors permit airflow while preventing liquids and solids from going into the enclosure.
  • Weather Protected I (WPI): These units are typically installed outside and are designed to minimize the entry of rain and dust.
  • American Petroleum Institute 541/547 (API541/547): These motors fit the requirements of API standards and are compliant with oil and gas applications. This standard is available only for horizontal NEMA motors.
  • Weather Protected II (WPII): This type of enclosure is used for pumps requiring a high level of protection. Ventilation is directed in a way that airborne particles cannot access the electric parts of the motor. Air velocity is minimized as well so dirt and moisture cannot enter.

If you need a quote for a NEMA electric motor, our team of customer service specialists will help you choose the right equipment for the job. We provide unbeatable service by taking the time keep our customers in the loop and walk them through the ordering process.

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