Motor Controls, Switchgear & Soft Starter

Switchgear & Controls

Motor Controls

In today’s market, consumers demand unparalleled efficiency best found in products intended to be flexible and reliable. Motor controls might include manual or automatic means for starting or stopping a motor. They also enable forward or reverse rotation, select and regulate speed, regulate or limit torque and protect against overloads or faults. TAW® is the supplier of:

TAW® offers the following options:

  • Across the Line
  • Low/Medium Voltage
  • Soft starter
  • VFDs
  • And More



TAW® Switchgears are highly regarded products. Switchgears are the combination of circuit breakers, switches, and fuses used to control, isolate and protect electrical equipment. During normal operations, switchgear permits generators, distributors and other electrical equipment to be turned on or off. TAW® is the supplier of:

TAW® offers the following options:

  • Engineered for Low/Medium Voltage
  • Gas Insulated
  • Medium/High Voltage Use for Transmission and Distribution
  • Metal-Clad


Soft Starters

TAW® Soft Starters are used with AC electric motors to momentarily decrease the load and torque in the powertrain and electrical current surge of the motor during start-up. TAW® is the supplier of:

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