ANSI Process Pumps
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    ANSI Process Pumps

    Exceeding All Standards

    ANSI Process Pumps are the only pumps in the United States deemed to be dimensionally standard by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These single-stage, centrifugal, horizontal, end-suction pumps are comparable in size and identical in interface and envelope dimensions, regardless of manufacturer. The pumps are required to meet ANSI B73.1 standards, also known as ASME B73.1

    Advances in ANSI Pumps are:

    • Performance Beyond Standard Metrics
    • Offers Max Flow Capacity up to 7,500GPM/Total Head 920FT
    • Can Accommodate Fluid Temperatures up to 500 Degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Uses in HVAC Systems
    • Usage in Water and Waste Water Markets
      • Water Parks
      • Commercial Swimming Pools
      • Water Treatment Facilities

    TAW can guide you in choosing suitable parts and replacements. Our process allows a customer to switch pumps and brands without having to change or redesign motor attachments, couplings, piping locations or bedplate dimensions.

    Call us toll-free 800-333-9449 or email us at to request more information about ANSI Process Pumps.

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