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    Positive Displacement Blowers

    What is a Blower?

    Blowers are equipment that increases the speed of air when passed and are either impeller-based or positive displacement. The difference between these two types of blowers are the output flows and how they interact with pressure. Impeller-based blowers will have an output flow that varies with pressure. Positive displacement blowers’ output flow will be constant, not having any variation with pressure.

    What is a Reliable Blower Brand?

    TAW uses only choice manufacturers for their products. That is why we are happy to partner with, Gardner Denver when it comes to our Positive Displacement (PD) Blowers.

    Gardner Denver has a vast variety of blowers, that vary in construction. But the technology behind them is designed to help move the material(s) you have. Below are the following PD Blowers offered:

    Why Gardner Denver?

    “With 160 years of experience, Gardner Denver has been a trusted partner for the world’s most demanding and ever-changing blower needs. Equipped with the industry’s widest product breadth, Gardner Denver is an expert in diverse applications.” -Gardner Denver

    By choosing Gardner Denver, you are not only choosing a world-class brand, you are choosing variety, quality, knowledge, and support too.

    Why TAW?

    For 100 years, TAW, Inc. has been a leading industrial equipment distribution and services company. Our family of integrated service companies partner with customers in a variety of industries to meet their complex power needs while maintaining quality and reliability. TAW has an expert team of trained representatives that can assist you with your power needs.

    Interested in more information? Fill out the Contact Us box on the left side of the page or call us! Toll-free at 800-333-9449. You can even email us at to request more information about Positive Displacement Blowers.

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