TAW Blowers

TAW is a premier, full-service distributor, and integrator of blowers for all industries. Since 1921, we have been the largest independent distributor of blowers in the Southeastern United States; additionally servicing the Caribbean, Central, and South America. Blowers are equipment that increases the speed of air when passed. Blowers are classified into two categories: impeller-based and positive displacement. The fundamental difference between the two is that impeller-based blowers have output flows that will vary with pressure. The positive displacement blowers have a constant output flow that will not vary with pressure.

TAW uses only choice manufacturers for their products. That is why we are happy to partner with, Gardner Denver when it comes to our Blowers.

“For more than a century and a half, Gardner Denver has been a trusted partner for the world’s most demanding and ever-changing blower needs. Equipped with the industry’s widest product breadth, Gardner Denver is an expert in diverse applications. By choosing Gardner Denver, you are becoming a part of a legendary brand that has more products in more applications than anyone else.

With global teamwork, strong customer focus, and vast application knowledge, we provide reliable and energy-efficient equipment that is put to work in a multitude of manufacturing and process applications.  Gardner Denver supports many diverse industries such as Aerospace, Agriculture, Food and Beverage, General Manufacturing, Mining and Construction, Power Generation, Wastewater, and many more.” -Gardner Denver


TAW has an expert team of trained, factory authorized technicians; 24/7 first-responder support and services; and a staff of engineers who can develop total solutions for buildings, enclosures, modifying power systems, and more.


Call us toll-free 800-333-9449 or email us at tawinfo@tawinc.com to request more information about Blowers.

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