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    Straight Bi-Lobe Blowers

    Gardner Denver(GD) provides Straight Bi-Lobe Blowers. Straight Bi-Lobe Blowers that are reliable and have a high-quality rate.  GD provides the Sutorbilt and Duroflow series. These blowers provide many benefits to the end-user.

    Sutorbilt Legend

    The Sutorbilt series provides high quality and reliability to its end-user. Each Legend is individually tested to meet performance specifications.

    Features include:

    • High strength steel drive shaft extended for V-belt or direct connection
    • High-temperature Viton oil seals
    • Available in 20 sizes
    • Universal feet
    • And More!

    For more information on the Sutorbilt series, click here.


    Sutorbilt Legend DSL

    The Sutorbilt DSL Series allows for easier maintenance and is a trusted and proven product.

    Features include:

    • High-temperature Viton oil seals
    • Refined timing and locking device
    • Integral ribs
    • Dual splash lubrication
    • And More!

    For more information on the Sutorbilt DSL series, click here.


    Sutorbilt 4500 Series

    The Sutorbilt 4500 Series provides higher speeds and higher performance ratings.

    Features include:

    • Dutile iron bi-lobe impellers
    • Precise timing gears
    • Produced from high strength materials
    • Advanced case design
    • And More!

    For more information on the Sutorbilt 4500 series, click here.





    Sutorbilt 8000 Series

    The Sutorbilt 8000 Series has an enhanced design which allows for improved efficiency.

    Features include:

    • Dynamically balanced impellers constructed of high-density ductile iron
    • Splash lubrication standard
    • One-piece steel shafts constructed of chrome alloy
    • Has several options for add-ons
    • And More!

    For more information on the Sutorbilt 8000 series, click here.





    Duroflow Series

    The Duroflow Series combines technology and on-the-job experience to provide clean, oil-free air.

    Features include:

    • Advanced heavy-duty design
    • Oil-free air delivery
    • Dual Splash Lubrication (DSL)
    • And More!

    For more information on the Duroflow series, click here.




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