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    What is a Commercial Generator?

    "Ever wonder what a commercial generator is? An electric generator is an apparatus that transfers mechanical energy into electrical energy. A commercial generator is designed to power your business, including critical wired systems like A/C, heat, computers, security systems, refrigerators, freezers, registers, and so much more.  A day without power can seriously affect your bottom line and wreck your inventory. Keep your revenue stream and brand reputation intact with a KOHLER® commercial generator.

    How Does a Commercial Generator Work

    Commercial generators work to provide electricity when an unforeseen power outage occurs. A commercial generator automatically restores power to your business within a matter of seconds and is typically installed outside your company.

    Before an interruption in power ensues, the automatic transfer switch (ATS) monitors the electricity from the utility and works 24/7 to safeguard your business. The moment your power drops below an acceptable level, the ATS immediately signals the generator to start within 10 seconds or less. Once the power is restored, the ATS automatically transfers your business to utility power, and your generator will automatically power off.

    Also, because your standby generator will start automatically, you can forget about manual starting and pesky extension cords.

    Every KOHLER® generator is quality and performance tested throughout the production life cycle. Each KOHLER® commercial generator includes PowerBoost technology, which helps to handle large starting loads without dropping power to other equipment.  Not only will a commercial generator put a stop to any costly disruptions in daily business activities, but it will enhance your overall peace of mind.

    Oncue® Generator Management System

    KOHLER OnCue® generator management system helps you take charge of your generator. Kohler OnCue® allows you to gain real-time insight into your generator system remotely from your computer, phone, or tablet. This management system is available for download on Android and Apple devices.

    App Functions:

    • View the real-time power status of a home or business
    • Manage up to six (6) electrical loads remotely
    • Receive updates via text or email
    • Schedule maintenance appointments
    • Check oil level and temperatures along with the engine temperature
    • Start/stop or change an exercise*
    • Plus Voice Commands

    TAW Power Systems, Inc. can provide a custom solution for your business needs. Contact one of our power professionals for more information on installing a backup generator for your business today.

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