Electrical Field Services
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    Electrical Field Services

    Our high-quality, industry-leading team follows established standards of NETA, ANSI, and NFPA, including IEEE electrical testing. Our electrical field services are available for a wide array of systems, including transformers, protection relays, switchgear/motor control centers, breakers/contactors, VFDs and battery systems. Ideally, our focus with your team will begin with predictive maintenance to trend the health of your systems and find and diagnose issues before they impact your business. TAW® can monitor your systems, perform diagnostic testing, report on the results, troubleshoot issues, and help extend the life of the equipment.

    Field Service Program Offerings

    • Transformer – Installation, Testing, Repairs, Recondition, Upgrades, Oil Analysis/Processing, De-Gas/De-Hydrate
    • Switches – Testing, Recondition, Upgrades
    • Switchgear/Motor Control Center – Installation, Testing, Repairs, Recondition, Retrofits, Upgrades/Modifications
    • Breakers/Contactors – Installation, Testing, Repairs, Recondition, Retrofits Upgrades (Trip Units, UV, etc.) – Air, Oil, Vacuum, and SF6
    • Protective Relay – Testing, Calibration, Repair, Upgrade, Programming
    • Variable Frequency Drives – Install, Testing, Startup, Troubleshooting
    • Battery/Charging Systems – Testing, Maintenance, Replacement
    • Start-up and Commissioning
    • Preventative/Condition-based Maintenance
    • Master Service Agreements
    • Thermography (IR) – Inspection/Analysis/Reporting
    • Testing and inspection for low and medium voltage equipment
    • Cable Termination and Determination
    Learn how we can install, test, repair, or upgrade your field equipment

    Field Service Capabilities

    • Excitation Current
    • Impedance
    • Insulation Power Factor
    • Partial Discharge
    • Sweep Frequency Analysis
    • Gas/Oil Analysis
    • Impulse
    • Insulation/Winding Resistance
    • Phase/Polarity Relation
    • Turns Ratio
    • AC / DC Hi-Pot
    • Insulation Resistance Test
    • Power Factor
    • Ratio/Excitation
    • Contact Resistance
    • Insulation Resistance
    • Secondary/Primary Injection
    • Timing/Travel Analysis
    Battery/Charging Systems:
    • Discharge
    • Resistance
    • Hi-Pot (Cable)
    • Partial Discharge (Cable)
    • Very Low Frequency (VLF)

    Power Studies & Engineering Services

    • Arc Flash Studies – SKM
    • Control Systems Engineering
    • Coordination Studies
    • Load Capabilities
    • PE Signed/Sealed
    • Power Quality Studies
    • Short Circuit Studies
    • System Drawings (AutoCAD)


    Call us Toll-Free at 863-686-5667, or email us at lakeland_quotes@tawinc.com, to request more information on, Electrical Field Services.

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