Mechanical Field Services
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    Mechanical Field Services

    TAW® is an industry leader when it comes to preventative maintenance for every type of rotating equipment, including motors, pumps, fans, blowers, and mills. Our mechanical field services include predictive maintenance programs to determine the condition of the critical parts of your rotating equipment. This includes inspection and service of bearings, lubrication, alignment, base, and pipe stress to prevent downtime and extending the life of your machines.

    All our testing programs are designed to identify potential areas for machinery failure. We start with scheduled data collection at pre-determined intervals – monthly, quarterly, or other set times. Then we analyze the data and provide your team with detailed reports and recommendations on the status of the wear on your machinery and how it is trending to extend its lifetime usefulness and avoid unscheduled downtime ultimately.

    Field Service Program Offerings

    • Vibration – Analysis/Monitoring/Report
    • CSl/Commtest – Vibration Platform
    • Laser/Thermal Alignment – Motor/Pumps
    • Thermography (IR) – Inspection/Analysis/Reporting
    • Motor Current Eval. (MCE) Motor Testing – PDMA and Baker
    • Vertical and Horizontal Motors/Pumps – Rigging, Removal, Installation
    • Conditioned Base Monitoring
    • Precision Maintenance
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • Master Service Agreements
    • Wear Oil – Analysis/Report
    • Ultrasonic Emissions (UE)
    • Relubrication
    • Motor Termination/Determinations
    • Energy Conservation
    • Onsite customer training
    • Centrifugal and Radial Blowers – Repairs/Replace/Alignment/Balance
    • Boiler Feedwater Pumps – Repairs/Replace/Alignment
    • Belt/Pulley – Alignment/Repair/Replacement
    • Cooling Tower Motor/Gearbox – Repair/Replace/Alignment
    Learn how we can install, test, repair, or upgrade your field equipment

    Field Service Capabilities

    • Advanced Diagnostics
    • Dynamic Balancing
    • Flow Rate Analysis
    • Gear Alignment
    • Insulation Resistance
    • Mechanical Seal Replacement
    • Natural Frequency Testing/Modal Analysis
    • Operation Deflection Shape (ODS)
    • Rotor Bar
    • Ultrasonic Leak Detection
    • Ultrasonic Testing – Arcing/Tracking/Corona

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